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RC4WD Trail Rider 1.9″, RC4WD Spectre 1.9″ Beadlock Wheels

If it says RC4WD on the package you know you’re getting a quality product! RC4WD hooked us up with a set of Trail Rider 1.9 off-road scale X2SS compound tires and a set of Spectre 1.9 Beadlock wheels. We all know anything for the RC4WD camp looks great but how does it handle on the trail?

Trail Rider 1.9 off-road scale X2SS compound: $24.99 Direct Link.
Spectre 1.9 Beadlock wheel: $129.99 Direct Link.

Trail Rider 1.9 off-road scale X2SS compound.
Part number : Z-T0136
: Fits 1.9” Wheels
: OD 4.41in / 112mm
: ID 1.9in / 48.3mm
: Width 1.64in / 41.6mm
: Each tire weight 2.590z / 73.5

RC4WD Spectre 1.9 Beadlock Wheels.
Part number : Z-W0230
: CNC machined
: Billet aluminum
: Anodized black
: Scale wheel nut cover with RC4WD logo
: 12mm hex
: Hex head bolts
: Wheel size 1.9”
: OD 1.9in / 47.2mm
: Width 1.26in / 32.1mm
: Center hole OD 0.2in / 5.1mm
: Negative offset 0.28in / 7.2mm
: Each weight 3.1oz /88g

First off, mounting the Spectre 1.9 rims on the 1.9 Trail Riders was probably the easiest set of rims and tires I have ever done. Just take the 6 hex screws out from the back of the rim and slide them into the tire then screw the ring back on, it’s that simple. The whole process takes about 30 minutes for all four tires.

The Trail Riders have a nice soft and sticky compound giving you the advantage over any obstacle you may encounter. Width of the Trial Riders is 1.64in / 41.6mm, fitting most 1.9 wheels. Weighing in at about 2.59oz / 73.5g definitely lets you know it’s not playing around. The only disadvantage we found was its side hill Capability but a firm foam insert can take care of that. You can take this set of RC4WD Trail Riders X2SS Compound and put them on any box stock rig and become a contender in any competition you enter. We ran the Trail Riders at a G6 and never had an issue with them popping off the bead on the rim or holding any water.

As for the Spectre 1.9 Beadlock wheels, the scale design can really hits the nail on the head! Just make sure you hold on to the tinny hex bolt tool they give you for the center caps. Made from billet aluminum the Spectre wheels can take any punishment you can give it. 12mm hex so they will mount to just about any rig you have. Each rim weighs 3.1 oz giving you a little bit of that much needed weight for hill climbs. The width of the wheels is 1.26in / 32.1mm fitting most body’s without sticking out of the fenders to much.

All and all this has to be one of my favorite tire and rim combinations. Not only do you get the scale realism from the Spectre 1.9 Beadlock wheels but you also get competitive edge with the Trial Rider 1.9 off-road scale X2SS compound tires. We would have never been able to complete the drivers challenge in our first try with out this tire and wheel combination. So, if you are in the market for some new tires and wheels for your rig or if your looking for that superior scale look look no further then the Trail Rider 1.9 off-road scale X2SS compound tires and Spectre 1.9 Beadlock wheels from RC4WD!

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