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RealFlight Drone Simulator

RealFlight Drone Flight Simulator

Thanks to the new RealFlight Drone Simulator from Great Planes, you can now practice drone flying & camera control on your PC. If you haven’t noticed, a good quality camera drone set-up runs easily over a grand, why take the chance on crashing it without getting in some simulator time first? The software has features like-

* Lets you practice flying and shooting photos in various conditions like at night and against variable wind conditions
* Helps you practice maneuvering a drone into the best spot for a good shot
* Allows you to develop flying skills for 15 different multi-rotor configurations
* Shows first person view of camera control
* Helps you master basic camera gimbal operation

The RealFlight Drone Simulator with InterLink (#GPMZ4800) is priced at just $129 while the upgrade to RF7.5 Software (#GPMZ4508) is priced at $49. For complete details Click Right Here to head over to the official RealFlight website.

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