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Rebel R/C Dual-stage Foam Inserts

Rebel R/C Dual-Stage 1.9” Foam Inserts

Rebel R/C has introduced two new sets of 1.9″ Dual-Stage Hardened TPE Foam Inserts for R/C crawlers and trail trucks. Designed to fit most 1.9″ R/C crawler tires, these foam inserts provide additional support compared to standard, single-material foams.

The outer foam layer of these inserts uses memory foam for maximum traction and grip, while the silicone inner layer provides sidewall traction and prevents the tires from rolling over on themselves.

Rebel R/C Dual Stage Foam Insert Specs (105 – 110mm):

  • Outer diameter:100mm/3.94″
  • Inner diameter:55.5mm/2.18″
  • Width:33mm/1.3″

Rebel R/C Dual Stage Foam Insert Specs (115 – 120mm):

  • Outer diameter:110mm/4.33″
  • Inner diameter:55.5mm/2.18″
  • Width:35mm/1.37″

Priced at $18.59 for a set of four, both of these dual-stage foam insert options are available for purchase at

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