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RPM Red Option Parts

Red Option Parts from RPM

What is the hot new color in bashing circles? Red! Actually, RPM RC polled their Facebook fans and they requested red more than any other color. Because of that, RPM has responded with eight of their most popular upgrade parts now being molded in the new color. The list of red parts include-

81269 – Traxxas 2wd Heavy Duty Camber Links Rustler and Stampede
81169 – Traxxas 2wd Bumper Rustler and Stampede
80709 – Traxxas 4wd Front or Rear Arms Slash
80599 – Traxxas 2wd Rear Arms Slash
80529 – Traxxas 2wd Gear Cover Rustler, Slash, Stampede, and Bandit
80249 – Traxxas 2wd Front Arms Rustler, Slash, and Stampede
80189 – Traxxas 2wd Rear Arms Rustler and Stampede
70699 – Traxxas 2wd Wide Front Arms Rustler and Stampede

Want more details and pricing? Hit up This Link over on the official RPM website. To read about more new products from RPM, check out This Link right here on BigSquidRC.


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