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Redcat Jevries Collection FiftyNine

Redcat Racing Expands its R/C Lowrider Lineup with the FiftyNine Jevries Collector’s Edition

The folks at Redcat Racing are leaning, lifting, and hopping hard into the R/C lowrider scene. With several models rolling through the streets already, you can now get your hands on their latest creation; the FiftyNine Jevries Collector’s Edition R/C Lowrider.

Redcat has worked with Jevries in the past, specifically around the development of the SixtyFour Lowrider. Joining forces yet again, this duo has crafted a jaw-droopingly beautiful replica of the 1959 Chevrolet Impala with a full lowrider/hopper setup under its body.

The body on the FiftyNine features a black paint job with chrome accents and red side trim. Red seats provide visual pop for this car’s interior. Making this version of the ’59 Impala incredibly unique are the Jevries Signature X-Lace Wheels and chrome frame, exhaust, and suspension components.

Similar to the SixtyFour, the FiftyNine utilizes a REEFS RC 300 Alacritous servo for its hopping action and two 25kg servos for the rear axle height adjustment.

Redcat Racing FiftyNine Jevries Collector’s Edition Lowrider Specs:

  • Length: 519mm/20.5in
  • Width: 223mm/9.2in
  • Height: 145mm/5.7in
  • Wheelbase: 287mm/11.3in
  • Speed Controller: 40a Brushed ESC with 5a 7.4V BEC
  • Scale: 1/10

The Redcat FiftyNine Jevries Collector’s Edition R/C Lowrider is priced at $799.99 and will be available for purchase on

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