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Redcat Racing GEN8 SCOUT Pre-Release

The folks from Redcat Racing have decided to beat the leaks and release a video and images of their new GEN8 Scout! News from the Redcat crew mention that this will be their first 100% designed and developed in the USA vehicle! This is huge news. The last few Redcat vehicles have been getting better and better, and we are excited to see what their first fully in-house designed vehicle will bring.
They have answered a few of the common questions already:
Q: When will the Gen8 be available?
A: First deliveries will begin late December 2018 and quantities will be limited through January 2019.

Q: Why is this new vehicle being announced 2 months in advance of availability?
A: The Gen8 is being previewed at the SEMA Show in Las Vegas on October 30th and we know pictures and other information will leak so we felt it was best to share the information with the world now.

Q: How much will the Gen8 cost?
A: Final pricing has not been set, but we can assure you, it will be one of the best values in the scale crawler market.

Enjoy the great video, and a few screen grabs we got from the video of what we are assuming is the new Redcat Racing Gen8 Scout.

You can hit up the official Redcat Racing Website where they will hopefully have more details next week.

Get more Redcat Racing News on BigSquidRC at the link.


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