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Redcat Racing FLYSKY

Redcat Racing Now A Distributor For FLYSKY Radios

To get more FLYSKY radios in the hands of hobbyists, Redcat Racing has announced that they are now a distributor for the popular radio brand. FLYSKY is best known for their affordable 2.4GHz radio systems, which should mesh well with Redcat’s primary customers. Here is the official press release-

“Redcat Racing announces that they are now a North American Distributor for
Select FLYSKY radios.

Phoenix, Arizona, January. 17 2018 – Redcat Racing, the premier source for quality Gas, Nitro and Electric powered RC vehicles, announces their new role as a North American distributor for select FLYSKY radios.

Models available through Redcat Racing and many Redcat Racing Authorized Dealers

FS-GT3B = (surface)
FS-GT3C = (surface)
FS-iT4S = (surface)
FS-GT5 = (surface)
FS-i10 = (air)

This exciting move, to distribute FlySky radios, gives Redcat customers the option to easily upgrade their RTR radio to a more advanced computer style radio with more adjustments for different driving styles. Redcat currently offers four Flysky 2.4GHz surface radios, and one Flysky 2.4GHz aircraft radio. Additional FLYSKY radios will be added to the line up in the coming months.”

Click Here to check out Redcat’s official website, or hit This Link to read more of the latest Redcat news on BigSquidRC.

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