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Reedy Competition 60c LiPos

Reedy has just announced a new line of LiPo batteries.  The Competition line is rated at 60c and will be available as a 2S brick pack, 2S saddle pack, and a single cell pack.  The brick and single have a capacity of 5500 mAh and the saddle is 5200  mAh.  All of the LiPos are hard cased to keep them from blowing up when you totally trash your car after getting some huge air off the roof of your house.  They also feature 4mm sockets for low electrical resistance and a pair of plugs is also included to go in the sockets.

The MSRPs are $166.99 for the saddle, $152.99 for the brick, and $97.99 for the single.  All of them are available now for ordering.  Hit up the Reedy site for more info.

[edit: oops, had an error in capacities, they’re correct now.]


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Posted by in New Products, Reedy on Monday, January 24th, 2011 at 5:25 pm