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Reedy HV Digital Aluminum Brushless Servos

Reedy HV Digital Aluminum Brushless Servos

New from Reedy are three new HV Digital Aluminum Brushless Servos. All three servos are powered by highly efficient brushless motors and come with heavy duty aluminum cases. Here are more details-

* Precision metal gears
* Powerful brushless motor
* Advanced microprocessor
* CNC machined aluminum case
* Water and dust resistant
* Dual ball bearings
* High-voltage compatible – up to 8.4 volts DC
* RT3507A – 0.07 speed, 35.0 kg-cm @ 8.4 volts, $158
* RS3005A – 0.055 speed, 30.0 kg-cm @ 8.4 volts, $158
* RT1705A – 0.05 speed, 17.5 kg-cm @ 8.4 volts, $147

You can use this link to get full details on the new Reedy Digital Brushless Servos, or you can Click Here to read more Reedy news on BigSquidRC.


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