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Reedy SC600-BL ESC

Reedy SC600-BL Sensorless Brushless RTR ESC

Intended for use in 1/10th scale vehicles, the new Reedy SC600-BL esc is geared right at the basher crowd. The new Reedy is water-resistant for all you folks that like to bash when the going gets wet and it was designed to work with a wide range of sensorless brushless motors.

* Auto detect for LiPo cell count
* Cooling fan
* 3.5mm bullet motor connectors
* Maximum cell count 3S LiPo
* Motor limit on 2S is 3900kV

The esc is priced at $96, it has a part number of #29185, and they are shipping right now. Right Here is the link that takes you over to the Associated website for more details.

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