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Reedy Zappers

Reedy Zappers Hi-Voltage LiPo Batteries

If you are old school, then you remember the old Reedy Zappers. For you new hobbyists, they were Ni-MH cells that had been “zapped” to give them increased voltage under load. Today, Reedy has announced a new line of Zappers for the LiPo crowd. The latest Zappers are the newer formulation of higher voltage Lithium based cells that can be charged up to 4.35 volts per cell (8.7 total for a 2S pack), which is considerable more voltage than a “normal” LiPo. They do require a LiHV capable charger to reach the higher voltage, but once charged you can expect more speed with a flatter discharge curve than a typical LiPo.

Reedy actually has two different types of Zappers, the 4.35 volt per cell type for more speed, and a more normal 4.2 volt type that are legal for competition. The 4.2 units will still offer the advantage of a flatter discharge curve when racing, so they could come in pretty handy for stock racing.

* High-voltage chemistry
* 5mm pass-through sockets
* 2mm balance port
* Come with durable hard case
* Lower voltage ROAR/EFRA/BRCA/IFMAR versions available
* 100C discharge
* 2C charge rate
* Capacities from 5600 to 8000mAh

The Zappers are priced at $99-109, they are shipping right now, and full details can be found over on Associated’s Website.

Hit This Link for more Reedy news on BigSquidRC.

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