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Reedy Zappers Hi-Voltage Modified Shorty LiPo Batteries

Reedy Zappers Hi-Voltage Shorty LiPo Batteries

Oh yes, Reedy Zappers, back in the day they described NiMH cells that had been “zapped” to increase performance. Now days Reedy is using the “Zappers” moniker lithium based cells that are of the high voltage variety. In this case, Reedy has announced a pair of new Zappers Shorty Style Packs for modified racing. One of the new packs can be charged up to 4.35 volts per cell, meaning it has a peak pack voltage of 8.7 volts, significantly higher than a normal LiPo. The extra voltage means more power and higher top speeds. The second “normal” voltage pack has the same flat discharge curve but is of the legal voltage required for most tracks.

* Rated at 70C discharge
* Durable hard case
* 5mm socket connectors
* 2mm balance port
* #27307 – 5800mAh 7.6V Shorty – $82
* #27308 – 5400mAh 7.4V Shorty – $79

You can get more details on both packs over on Associated’s Website, or you can hit up This Link for more Reedy news on BigSquidRC.

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