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Reedy Zappers LiPo Batteries

Reedy Zappers SG3 Competition 1S & 4S HV-LiPo Batteries

Over at Reedy they are now shipping SG3 Competition Series 1S & 4S Li-HV battery packs. Theses HV high-output cells were designed for serious voltage output and runtime. Check out these features-

* State-of-the-art LiPo chemistry
* Reduced internal resistance
* Lightweight design
* Durable hard case
* Low resistance connectors
* Built to ROAR/IFMAR/EFRA/BRCA specifications
* Zappers SG3 LiPo 8200mAh 85C 3.8V 1:12, #27351, $65
* Zappers SG3 LiPo 6600mAh 115C 3.8V 1:12, #27352, $58
* Zappers SG3 LiPo 6400mAh 115C 15.2V Stick, #27353, $170
* Zappers SG3 LiPo 5200mAh 115C 15.2V LP Stick, #27354, $158

Use this link to get more details on the new Reedy 1S & 4S LiHV Battery Packs, or you can Click Right Here to read more Reedy news on Big Squid.

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