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REEFS RC 179 Smart Micro Servo - 2

REEFS RC 179 Smart Micro Servo

Who could use some more power in their small-scale R/C machine or auxiliary functions? REEFS RC has released a new, high-torque micro servo; the 179 Smart Micro, that will fit the bill for just about any need.

This brushless servo is programmable and can be used for either steering or as a servo winch, depending on your needs. With over 150oz of torque (at 7.4v) and ultra-fast response, this servo looks like an amazing piece of equipment for the price.

REEFS RC 179 Smart Micro Servo Specs:

  • Torque:
    • 135oz @ 6.0v
    • 159oz @ 7.4v
    • 179oz @ 8.4v
  • Speed:
    • .09sec @ 6.0v
    • .07sec @ 7.4v
    • .06sec @ 8.4v
  • Spline: 25T Micro / Dead Band Width: 2¦Ìs
  • Unload Current:
    • 150mA @ 4.8V
    • 180mA @ 6.0V
    • 240mA @ 7.4V
    • 300mA @ 8.4V
  • Load Current:
    • 1600mA @ 4.8V
    • 2000mA @ 6.0V
    • 2200mA @ 7.4V
    • 2400mA @ 8.4V

Priced at $84.99, the 179 Smart Micro servo is available for purchase at

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