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REEFS RC 300 IS Comp Spec Internal Winch - 2

REEFS RC 300 IS Comp-Spec Internal Winch

New from REEFS RC is their 300 IS Comp Spec Internal Winch. If you’re planning to take your R/C rig to some extreme competitions this summer, this winch should certainly help you get out of some sticky situations. With its sleek design and powerful internals, this winch should make getting your rig back on the trail a breeze.

Featuring an aluminum case, all-metal gears, and a waterproof, 6-point seal design, this internal winch looks like a great option for hobbyists who not only want to keep their comp crawlers looking neat and tidy, but also want unflinching performance.

This winch includes six feet of synthetic line and a scale recovery hook.

REEFS RC 300 IS Comp Spec Internal Winch Specs:

  • Length: 1.6″
  • Width: .79″
  • Height: 1.16″
  • Torque:
  • 192oz @ 6v
  • 250oz @7.4v
  • 300oz @8.4v
  • Speed:
  • 05sec @6v
  • .04sec @7.4v
  • .03sec @8.4v

Priced at $149.99, the REEFS RC 300 IS Comp Spec Internal Winch is available online at

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