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REEFS RC 99Micro Brass Edition Servo

REEFS RC 99Micro Brass Edition Servo

With colder weather approaching parts of the U.S., it’s a great time to start gathering parts and pieces for winter R/C projects. If you’re interested in a micro servo that can double as ballast for your radio-controlled vehicle, you might want to check out the 99Micro Brass Edition from REEFS RC.

Featuring the same performance as its aluminum-cased cousin, the 99Micro, this brass edition is wrapped in a brass case that features a machined and polished “ultra” finish.

Its ultra-fast speed and powerful performance make this an excellent choice for smaller-scale R/C applications and auxiliary servo duties for 1/10 and larger machines. With a weight of 36G/1.27oz, it’s also a great way to add weight to a specific area of your chassis.

REEFS RC 99Micro Brass Edition Servo Specs:

  • High Torque Digital Coreless
  • Water Resistant
  • Voltage 6V-8.4V
  • Internal Gearing: Precision Metal Gears
  • All CNC Brass Casing
  • Bearing Type: 2BB /
  • Brass Casing with “Ultra” finish
  • Weight: 1.27oz / 36G
  • Dimensions: .90 x .47 x 1.08 (LWH)
  • Torque: 89oz @ 6.0v
  • 99oz @ 7.4v
  • 115oz @ 8.4v
  • Speed: .11sec @ 6.0v
  • .09sec @ 7.4v
  • .08sec @ 8.4v
  • Spline: 25T Micro
  • Dead Band Width: 2¦Ìs
  • BEC Not Required

The REEFS RC 99Micro Brass Edition Servo is priced at $89.99 and is available through

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