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REEF's RC Beast 2000 5th Scale Steering Servo

REEF’s RC Beast 2000 5th Scale Servo

Following up on the release of the Beast 1000 5th Scale Servo, REEF’s RC has announced its second 5th scale steering servo, the Beast 2000.

REEF’s RC has made a name for itself in the R/C community based on the monster performance of their “standard” 1/10-scale and micro servos and servo winches, and from the looks of it, they’ll soon make a name for themselves in the large-scale crowd as well.

The Beast 2000 features an aluminum case, steel internal gears,  a magnetic angle sensor, and pulse width modulation control. This servo can operate between 7.4V and 16.8V power and does not require a BEC.

REEF’s RC Beast 1000 5th Scale Servo Specs:

  • Length: 2.59in
  • Width: 1.18in
  • Height: 2.32in
  • Weight: 10oz/285g
  • Spline: 15T
  • Dead Band Width: 2uSec
  •  Torque:
    • 1000oz @ 10v
    • 1250oz @11.1v
    • 1450oz @12v
    • 2000 @ 16.8v
  •  Speed:
    • .10sec @10v
    • .11sec @11.1v
    • .10sec @12v
    • .09sec @ 14.4v
    • .08sec @ 16v

Priced at $449.00, the REEF’s RC Beast 1000 5th Scale Servo will be available at and through REEF’s RC dealers.

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