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REEFS RC Beast 2000 Fifth Scale Double Servo Horn - 2

REEFS RC Double HD 15T 1/5-scale Servo Horn

REEFS RC has introduced another, heavy-duty servo horn for its BEAST 2000 5th Scale Servo; the Double HD 15T Servo Horn. Made from 7075 aluminum, this servo horn adds style and added performance thanks to its two-arm design and multiple link mounting holes.

The servo horn features an anodized black finish with silver accents and is designed to fit a 15-tooth servo spline. The Double HD Servo Horn utilizes a double-clamping design and includes two position holes for mounting your steering linkage. The six link-mounting holes (three on each arm) accept 4mm hardware and are threaded for added security.

The Double HD 15T 1/5-scale Servo Horn is priced at $27.99 and is available directly from REEFS RC and its dealers. Visit to learn more about this heavy-duty, large-scale servo horn.

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