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REEF's RC 800 IS Internal Winch

REEF’s RC Introduces the 800:IS Internal Winch

The folks at REEF’s RC are always thinking about their next “big thing.” For trail R/C enthusiasts who are looking to keep their rigs looking clean on the inside and out, take a peek at REEF’s latest servo winch release, the 800:IS.

At first glance, this looks like your typical servo winch; however, you’ll quickly see that it features a smooth, spline-free front face. By removing this component, the 800:IS Internal Winch can keep an ultra-low profile and fit into tighter chassis setups.

While it may be lacking a spline, it does not lack in power or performance. The 800:IS Internal Winch has a maximum torque rating of 960oz @8.4v and a maximum speed rating of .06sec @ 8.4v.

REEF’s RC 800:IS Internal Winch Specs:

  • Length: 1.6″
  • Width: .79″
  • Height: 1.16″
  •  Torque:
    • 800oz @ 6v
    • 848oz @ 7.4v
    • 960oz @ 8.4v
  • Speed:
    • .08sec @ 6v
    • .07sec @ 7.4v
    • .06sec @ 8.4v

Priced at $149.99, the 800:IS Internal Winch (LowPro) will soon be available from REEF’s RC and their dealers. Visit to learn more about this super-sleek R/C trail truck winch.

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