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Reef's RC Refreshed Triple7 Servoi

REEF’s RC Refreshes its Triple7 Servo

REEF’s RC has updated its powerhouse Triple7 steering servo with a new case construction and a fully-programmable option. Wrapped entirely in CNC’d aluminum, the refreshed 777 servo is now more durable than ever and ready to tackle the trail.

The internals of this servo remain changed, offering the same power and speed as the original Triple7. However, for those who like to tune and optimize their steering performance, the Triple7 is now compatible with the REEF’s Link programming interface and software.

Other highlights of this servo include a magnetic angle sensor, steel gears, 7-point seals for water resistance, and voltage compatibility from 10 to 14v.

REEF’s RC Triple7 Servo Specs:

  • Length: 1.57in
  • Width: .78in
  • Height: 1.63in
  •  Torque:
    • 666oz @ 11.1v
    • 700oz @ 12.0v
    • 777oz @14.0v
  • Speed:
    • .10sec @ 11.1v
    • .09sec @ 12.0v
    • .08sec @ 14v

Priced at $157.99, the updated REEF’s RC Triple7 Servo is available online at

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