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REEFs RC Triple4 Smart Winch

REEFs RC Updates the Triple4 Smart Winch LoPro

REEFs RC has updated its dependable Triple4 Smart Winch LoPro to feature full programmability and the option to use this unit as a winch or a standard steering servo. Packed with power, the Triple4 Smart Winch features 444oz of torque when paired with an 8.4V battery.

Whether you run this unit for steering or pulling, it can be programmed to your liking with the REEFs USB Link and REEFs Software combo.

The REEFs Triple4 Smart Winch includes seven feet of steel braided winching line, an aluminum CNC spool, and a scale recovery hook. If you choose to run this unit as a steering servo, it features a 25t spline and is compatible with various servo horns.

REEFs RC Triple4 Smart Winch Specs:

  • Torque
    • 350oz @ 6V
    • 420oz @ 7.4V
    • 444oz @ 8.4V
  • Speed
    • .09sec @ 6.0V
    • .08sec @ 7.4V
    • .068sec @8.4V
  • Gears: Steel
  • Casing Material: Aluminum
  • Spline: 25T

The REEFs RC Triple4 Smart Winch is priced at $139.99 and is available online at

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