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REEFS RC V2 Micro 25T Servo Horn - 2

REEFS RC “V2” Micro 25T Servo Horn

REEFS RC has released its second-generation small-scale servo horn; the V2 Micro 25T Servo Horn. Designed for the 99Micro Servo, this servo horn features heavy-duty performance for your small-scale R/C needs.

Made from CNC-machined aluminum, the V2 Micro 25T Servo Horn has an anodized black finish with the REEFS RC logo printed on the side. The servo horn length is 27.3mm and there are 5 mounting holes for maximum flexibility.

The REEFS RC V2 Micro 25T Servo Horn is priced at $10.99 and is available for purchase at

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Posted by in New Products on Tuesday, December 14th, 2021 at 10:24 am