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Revell Dromida Option Hop Up Parts

Revell Dromida Option Parts

Revell Dromida Option Hop Up Parts
A big part of bashing is hopping up your rig, making it faster, look better, and more importantly, durable. After the guys over at Revell announced their new Dromida line-up of bash machines, they also announced a slew of hop-up parts. Some of the parts help improve performance, some improve durability, and all of them help uber-out the new Dromidas. The new option parts include-

* Axle Set Aluminum Blue- DIDC1102, $7
* Battery Strap Carbon Fiber- DIDC1100, $6
* Center Drive Shaft Aluminum Blue- DIDC1107- $5
* Chassis Brace Aluminum Blue- DIDC1103, $25
* Blue Aluminum Dogbones- DIDC1108, $10
* Front Blue Aluminum Hinge Pin Mount- DIDC1111, $10
* Rear Blue Aluminum Hinge Pin Mount- DIDC1112, $10
* Hub Carrier/C-Hub Aluminum Blue- DIDC1101, $34
* Rear Blue Aluminum Blue Hubs- DIDC1106, $34
* Knuckle Arm Aluminum Blue- DIDC1104, $34
* Motor Heatsink Aluminum Blue- DIDC1113, $7
* Pinion 10t- DIDC1114, $5
* Pinion 13t- DIDC1115, $5
* Shock Body, Long Aluminum Blue (2)- DIDC1127, $10
* Shock Body, Short Aluminum Blue (2)- DIDC1126, $10
* Shock Springs 38 mm, 12T Yellow / Soft (2)- DIDC1118, $3
* Shock Springs 38 mm, 9T Black / Heavy (2)- DIDC1116, $3
* Shock Springs 42 mm, 15T Soft (2)- DIDC1119, $3
* Shock Springs 42 mm, 9T Black / Extra Heavy- DIDC1117, $3
* Shock Tower Front / Rear Aluminum Blue- DIDC1124 SC, $18
* Shock Tower Front Aluminum Blue BX- DIDC1109, $18
* Shock Tower Front Aluminum Blue MT- DIDC1121, $18
* Shock Tower Rear Aluminum Blue BX- DIDC1110, $18
* Shock Tower Rear Aluminum Blue MT- DIDC1122, $18
* Spur Gear 45T Aluminum Blue- DIDC1105, $8
* Speed Secret 370 Brushed Motor 22 turn- DIDC1133, $10

The hop-up parts are scheduled to hit hobby shops in late October and you can get more information at THIS LINK.

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