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Review – RC4WD Scale V8 Engine and Ultimate Scale Single Speed Transmission

We are big fans of RC4WD’s venerable Trail Finder 2. In the never ending crawler wars, it’s long been the king of super scale trucks. But hey, who’s happy with “right out of the box”? In an attempt to try and take it up a notch we recently got our hands on a Scale V8 Engine and R4 Ultimate Scale Single Speed Transmission. So what’s the scoop on these parts? Are they worth adding to your TF2? Read on and find out.

From: RC4WD
Direct Link: RC4WD Scale V8 Engine
Direct Link: RC4WD R4 Ultimate Scale Single Speed Transmission
Direct Link: RC4WD Trail Finder 2 V8 Engine Mount

Quick Specs for V8 Engine:
– Machined Billet Aluminum
– Total Height: 3.34in / 84.9mm
– Total Width: 2.77in / 70.4mm
– Total Length: 2.74n / 69.6mm
– Weight: 6.45oz / 183g

Quick Specs for Scale Transmission
– Machined Billet Aluminum
– Body Width: 1.99in / 50.6mm
– Body Length: 3.07in / 78mm
– Body Height: 2.36in / 60mm
– Output Shaft Length: 0.33in / 8.5mm
– Output Shaft OD: 0.19in / 5mm
– Gear Ratio: 10.1:1
– Weight: 5.86oz / 166g

Set-Up Notes – We put this getup in a brand new Trail Finder 2 kit, topped off with a Blazer body (more about this in a later write-up!). The motor we used was a 540 sized brushed RC4WD 35t. A V8 engine mount kit is also required (linked above) to fit correctly in a TF2 as it relocates the transfer case.

Impressions – When we took these pieces out of the box for the first time we all had to take turns pawing on them as these things look amazing. The CNC machine work is top notch and these feel/look like a high end product. The orange finish of the block, long a Chevy calling card, and black oil pan are dope as hell and really sell the look. The transmission also looks super realistic.

The V8 engine block holds the motor and allows the wires to be run up by the scale air cleaner. You then mate it to the transmission housing. Getting your motor mounted and meshed up correctly with the transmission gear is definitely the trickiest part of assembly. It took us a bit to get it just right, but once we did it was an “A-HA!” moment. The motor mount kit then goes on top of the transmission output.

It should be said that once you get it finished up, putting it into the Trail Finder 2 is incredibly satisfying. It feels very much like you are dropping in a real power train.

Looks are one thing but does it work? We are happy to report that the setup performs very well. The transmission operation is very smooth. The gears are all steel and it seems like a rugged unit based on the testing. We were doing forward/reverse drops on pavement and while the truck was bucking all over the place, everything held together just fine.

There is also a notable performance boost over the stock unit- the increased weight of this setup puts more weight up front and down low which is fantastic for climbing.

The only negative thing we have to say about these pieces are that they are pretty pricey. You are looking at around $300 for everything. The quality of construction is extremely high though, so we feel you are getting what you pay for.

Final Verdict:

If you own a Trail Finder 2 and want the ultimate in scale accessories, the V8 Engine and R4 Ultimate Scale Single Speed Transmission are your jam. While the price of admission is high, the top notch machine work, outrageous looks, relative ease of installation and smooth operation allow us to whole-heartedly recommend them. Those of you looking to take your scale appeal to a new level will be in love.

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