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TheToyz LED Light Controller Review

Review – TheToyz LED Light Controller

Once primarily known for their large inventory of micro/mini hop-ups, the crew at TheToyz are quickly becoming one of the best resources for scale parts. In recent years TheToyz has vastly expanded their inventory of crawling and drift goodies, now you can find just about anything you need to accessorize your on-road or off-road scale rig on their website. One of their latest scale upgrades is a LED Light Controller. With so many people running light bars now days, a way of controlling those lights via a remote can come in real handy. We’ve been using TheToyz LED Light Controller for several weeks to see if it is worth your cash, keep on reading to find out our results…

From: TheToyz
Direct Link: LED Light Controller

Review By: Cubby
Pics By: T-Money

Quick Specs-

Input: 5 to 24 volts DC
Range: Up to 100 feet
Remote: RF wireless, comes with battery
LED Options: Variable dimmer, strobe, & on/off, 8 dynamic modes, 10 dynamic speed levels, 10 brightness levels
Output Current: Up to 6 amps
Part Number: #TOYZ 670
Price: $7

Set-Up Notes- We installed the light controller in our Losi SCBE buggy. It was wired directly to battery power and controlled a 66 LED light bar from Hot Racing. We used both 2S and 3S LiPo batteries during our review.

Misc Notes-

The controller allows you to do several things. It works as an on/off switch, it works as a dimmer, and it can add strobe effect. In our off-road application we rarely used the strobe, but found it convenient to have the variable dimmer at our finger tips. If you’ve done much driving at night, then you already know you want full power lighting when driving away from yourself, but when driving towards your body, less light is typically preferred. Not only can you dim your lights in tiny steps, but the unit also has 3 easily accessible buttons to instantly cut to 50 or 25%.

While you could power the light controller off of your car’s receiver, we decided to use full battery power for the extra voltage. Our test unit ran exceptionally cool, even on 3S.

The card type remote was small, lightweight, and fit easily into our pockets.

Range on the remote is stated to be “up to 100 feet”. The range in our install was right around 75. We found 75 feet to be way more range than we needed and more than we expected. We didn’t do anything special in our install to attempt to get optimal range, we just piled the receiver unit into the buggy and started driving.

Final Verdict- TheToyz LED Light Controller did exactly what it was designed to do and we experienced no problems with our test unit. We had a lot of fun playing with the different settings, and when it was it time for serious night driving, we found it came in extremely handy. Lastly, the unit has an exceptionally low price point, just $7, making it affordable enough to put one in every crawler or drifter that you have. We had a great experience with TheToyz LED Light Controller and can highly recommend it to you.


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