Fun Time Technologies Glow True Review

March 16, 2005 - Brian

We spotted the new Fun Time Glow True Ignitor over at the Chicago International Hobby Expo. And have put it to the test. It turns out itís a pretty good product. The ignitor has some interesting features about it. First off it has a glow plug continuity check. This means when you attach the ignitor rod to the glow plug, a little light on the front lights up to let you know itís ready to go.

The ignitor is the Ďspring loadedí type, which we like a lot! I really dislike the Ďscrew oní type that loosens your glow plug when youíre trying to disconnect it.

Now the coolest feature on this thing is the On/Off switch. We used this during the break in of a few cars, and itís pretty dang useful. We just connected the ignitor to the vehicle, turned on the power, and start the car. Often during break in, itís not tuned properly yet, and it can die right when you take off the ignitor. In our case, we just turn power back on and restart the car. No need to find the ignitor and get it reconnected.

On the down side, itís a little bulky. Itís a big square that needs to hold 4 AAís, and some room for the electronics and switch, meaning itís not going to fit in your pocket. Itís too short. When we talked to the Fun Time people at the Hobby Expo, and told them we thought it was too short, they said they were immediately going to look into making a longer one. As you can see from the pictures, itís just a tad shorter then a normal ignitor which makes it just a tad short to reach my glow plug on my T-MAXX with the RC-Solutions roll cage on! Itís also a tad short for a lot of car/truck bodies. One final thing is our tests seem to eat up the battery life. They say it lasts for about 80 minutes of use, but it sure didnít seem like it, and we were not using rechargeable AAís. So I highly recommend using rechargeables, but that also means another thing (or 4) to charge the night before you go out.

In conclusion, itís a pretty useful product, and a good idea, but falls a little short (literally) of being a great product. Iíd love to see the power switch adapted to a normal glow ignitor, just stick it on the top! We had it with us at the local track recently, and it got a good amount of attention from a lot of people.

I stopped over at their Web Site to see if they had any more information on a bigger size, smaller box, or anything, and really couldn't tell. From the pictures on their site, I wasn't even sure if they were selling the same thing. It seems like we should help them out and send them our pictures. It seems like they don't want you to know what they are actually selling! They should be glad we don't rate web sites in our final score! A good marketing person could really help them out.

Like with all our stuff, if you see us at the track, or an event, feel free to stop by and check it out!

 Time to Bash  10/10 Nice and quick. Just toss in some AA batteries!
 Workability  7/10 It works good for what itís supposed to do, but is too short.
 Car Show Rating  8/10 It caught a lot of attention at the track, but is a little awkward to carry around.
 Bash-A-Bility  N/A, sorry folks, didnít accidentally drop it.
Big Squid Rating  7.8/10 Tentacles.. Good idea, just not implemented as well as it could have been, but it has potential!