Hot Bodies Lightning Street
(1/7 scale)

August 17th, 2004 - Brian
Direct Link: Lightning Street

Before we get started, I have to admit that I have never been much of an on-road type person. I have done on-road in the past (see our history link) but as a basher, I love the big air.

With that out of the way, the Lightning Street has made me a believer in on-road, large scale goodness, with emphasis on the LARGE SCALE! This car is huge! Itís not 1/5 scale size, but itís dang close. When we first got it, the initial reaction was Ďwow, this is a big box!í, then after getting it all unpacked, I thought ĎWow, this is a big car!í. Especially next to it's 1/10th scale little brother the Tornado.

It comes with a pre-painted body, you need to apply the stickers yourself. I have to stress, take your time and do it right! The end result with stickers applied correctly is awesome.

Ok, back to the good stuff. It comes with the Hot Bodies roto-start, and I love that thing! Itís got a very powerful .26 engine. I was surprised at how fast the big car can get up to speed. The 2 speed transmission has awesome power in both gears.

Doing donuts and drifting in a large open parking lot is big fun. Even alone, itís a fun car to take out and bash around with. I have seen it clocked in the 40ís(mph), but have heard people getting them in the mid 50ís with some good tuning skills. I was definitely satisfied with the speed, and it feels good to be behind the throttle. Many people get the impression that a car this size just canít get up to speed with a .26, but when you are waiting for them at the end of the block, they will know itís got plenty of power.

As for durability, this 1/7th is tough. It was jumped off curbs, posts, slammed into by other cars. A while back I was drag racing against a buddy of mine. He had a pretty supped up monster truck, me with the Lightning. After smokiní him when we hit second gear, he decided at the finish line he was going to show me what monster trucks do best. At about 30 mph he slammed right into the side of the Lightning! I ran over to check for damage, and to my amazement there was none! The monster truck on the other hand cracked a A-arm, and popped a front ball joint out of the socket. The Lightning drove away, the monster truck was carried off. After all this abuse, I never broke a part. I was amazed at what this car could take.

Lastly, price. You can find it for around $550, and for a car this size, itís worth every penny. When you consider a 1/5 scale is just a little bigger and a average startup of $1500, this car is a great deal. It was tons of fun, fast, and a real looker! If your thinking about getting into large scale, but are afraid to shell out the big bucks, give the Lightning Street a try. It defiantly changed my mind.

One of the only real downsides to this vehicle is finding people to race. At the moment, our local on-road tracks are not running this scale, but Iím doing my best to convince them. Wherever you take this car, it gets ALL the attention, and at the price, itís worthy of getting itís own class!

Something I found recently was the ability to make this car dual engine! I think we are going to make this one of our first Big Squid RC Project Cars. Some guy in a news group had some pics, and claimed it was doing close to 80 mph! This sounds like something we need to try! Iíll post some news, and of course step by step pictures if we get this project on itís way ourselves. Check out these pictures till we get started on a dual street of our own.

 Time to Bash  9/10 Add Fuel, Stickers, and GO!
 Workability  8/10 Parts are a little hard to find, but the layout is spacious and easy to work on.
 Car Show Rating  9.5/10 Everyone wants to see it drive. It's big! Bigger is better! I'd like to see more bodies.
 Bash-A-Bility  10/10 It's hard to beleive the abuse it took, and never broke a part!
Big Squid Rating  9.5/10 Tentacles. Looks great, runs great, and takes a beating!