Slap Ma Fro - Fighting Gravity DVD Review

September 18th, 2005 - Brian

The Slap Ma Fro guys have been around for a good long time. For as many years as I can remember, their web page has always been a great example of what true bashing is all about. They post new videos often, and as you can tell if you have ever seen one, their beliefs are just like ours. There's no such thing as "too high" or "too fast"!

When Brad(b!) told me they were going to be working on a DVD, I was both excited for him, and had a little pity for him. Having done a RC DVD myself about a year ago, I know how much hard work it takes to put a DVD out. To my delight, they pulled it off, and did a really great job!

I don't want to do a scene by scene thing, and ruin any surprises for anyone, but all your typical good RC basher DVD stuff is present and accounted for!

Snow footage - Check!

House/Barn Jump Attempt - Check! Check!

Race Footage Buggies/Monster Trucks/Stadium Trucks - Check! Check! Check!

Crazy Bash Footage - Check!

FIRE!!! - Check!!!!!!!!

They really did a great job of covering all the bases. Their fire footage was intense, their 'big air' jumps were huge! There was nothing those guys couldn't jump over.

If you are already a fan of theirs, there are a few scenes from their website that you probably have already seen, but it was nice to see them on DVD mixed to some good music, not just some compressed download. There's a little too much barn footage spread around on the DVD, but it didn't really get old, you just notice there's a lot of it.

If your looking to get your fix of bashing, or just thinking about adding another RC DVD to your collection, this one is a good buy. The editing and presentation were great, the music is good, and the footage was great. Don't let the black and white cover scare you, it's a top notch, professional production.

To wrap things up, if you have $20 in your pocket, go buy this DVD! It's just over 1 hour long, and it will really get you in the mood to get outside and bash. You won't be disappointed.

For more information and video clips check out the
Slap Ma Fro web site!

 Time to Bash  9/10 Remove Disc, insert in DVD player. Press PLAY.
 Workability  9/10 It was easy to navigate the menu.
 Car Show Rating  10/10 The effects and production were great!
 Bash-A-Bility  10/10 I dropped it once, and it didn't even break!
Big Squid Rating  9.0/10 Tentacles. If you are a Basher Fan, or just an RC video fan, this is a must for your collection!