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HRC ROAPEX Monster Truck Tires

Roapex Trigger & Tracker Monster Truck Pre-Mounts From HRC Distribution

New from HRC Distribution are several pre-mounted Monster Truck Tire Sets from Roapex. These represent the first products in the new Roapex tire line from HRC, here are some of their features and specifications-

* Standard 12mm wheel hex
* Designed to fit 1/10th scale monster trucks
* Tires available on black or chrome-black wheels
* 0″ or 1/2″ offset wheels available
* Tires made from soft rubber compound
* RXR3001-B0 – 0 offset Black wheels – Trigger
* RXR3001-B2 – 1/2 offset Black wheels – Trigger
* RXR3001-CB0 – 0 offset Chrome Black wheels – Trigger
* RXR3001-CB2 – 1/2 offset Chrome Black wheels – Trigger
* RXR3002-B0 – 0 offset Black wheels – Tracker
* RXR3002-B2 – 1/2 offset Black wheels – Tracker
* RXR3002-CB0 – 0 offset Chrome Black wheels – Tracker
* RXR3002-CB2 – 1/2 offset Chrome Black wheels – Tracker

To get more details, use this link to check out the official HRC Distribution Website, or you can Click On This Link to read more HRC news on BigSquidRC.


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