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Roche 12th Rapide P12 EVO2 USA Spec Pan Car Kit

Roche 1/12 Rapide P12 EVO2 USA Spec Pan Car Kit

New from Roche Products is the USA Spec version of their 1/12 Rapide P12 EVO2 Pan Car Kit. Designed exclusively for ultra-high-bite American tracks, the new USA Spec is ready to put you in the winners circle. Here are the highlights-

* New ULCG (Ultra Low Center of Gravity) aluminum tub chassis
* New 7075 aluminum lower pod
* New roll center fine adjustment system
* New 7075 aluminum low center of gravity motor mount
* New graphite top plate, chassis brace and rear pod plate
* New center damper and battery position mount
* New fine adjustment front suspension
* New graphite front lower and upper arms
* New 7075 aluminum caster blocks
* Single piece lightweight steering knuckles
* New big bore center shock
* New big bore side tubes

The Roche Rapide P12 EVO2 USA Spec Pan Car Kit will be street priced at $300 with a part number of #ROC-151024.

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