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Roche Rapide 10th Scale F1 EVO3 Kit

Roche Rapide 1/10 F1 EVO3 Kit

New from Roche Products is the 1/10th scaled Rapide F1 EVO3 Kit. With the F1 class becoming more and more popular, the EVO3 brings performance and high-end materials to the starting line. Check out these highlights-

* Graphite or aluminum chassis will be available
* Graphite chassis, rear pod plate, front lower arm
* Graphite caster adjust plate, top deck, chassis brace
* 7075 aluminum rear bulkheads and lower pod plate with centering pins
* 7075 aluminum motor mount & rear bulkhead
* Plastic axle ride height adjusters
* Red/black two-tone anodizing
* 7075 aluminum floating servo mount with lower servo position
* Graphite multi-flex top deck, adjustable chassis flex via tweak free screws
* Center damper positions selectable on top deck
* Center pivot system with high/low selectable positions
* DVS-V3 center damper with quick rear droop adjustment
* 7075 aluminum easy adjust side spring holder

The Roche Rapide 1/10 F1 EVO3 Kit is expected to start shipping in April and you can Click Here to get more Roche news on BigSquidRC.


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