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Rogue 130mm FPV Frame from Rebel Miniquads

As the tech marches forever forward, FPV racing quadcopters are getting smaller and smaller. As the components shrink, so do the frames. And weighing in as a featherweight from the boys at Rebel Miniquads, comes the Rogue 130! This is one bad little frame.

Available in red, white and black (with more colors to be announced soon), the Rogue 130mm sports a 2mm top and base plate made from quality Quasi-Isotrophic 3k twill carbon fiber.

The canopy is a two-tone 3d print that takes an hour and a half to finish. It’s made from pliable TPU rubber that makes it nearly indistructible.

Each Rogue includes all necessary hardware, the canopy, a non slip battery pad, rebel battery strap, and a voltage regulated custom power board (or PDB). The PDB also has integrated 12v and 5v regulators on a full 3oz copper pour board.

The Rogue 130mm is currently available to preorder for $60.99 direct from Rebel.

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Posted by in New Products on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016 at 9:42 pm