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RPM Heavy Duty Wing Mount System ARRMA 6S Vehicles

RPM Heavy Duty Wing Mount System for ARRMA 6S Vehicles

New from RPM is a Heavy Duty Wing Mount for select ARRMA 6S vehicles. The stock ARRMA wing mount takes a ton of abuse during hard bashing, the new RPM unit was designed to take a big hit, and come back for more. Here are the highlights-

* Oversized wing mounts, rear skid plate, & vertical brace
* Fits ARRMA 6S vehicles that run stock #320347 wing mounts
* Not compatible with the ARRMA wheelie bar set #AR320366
* Massive vertical brace ties wing mount to rear skid plate
* Hardware is included
* Limited lifetime warranty

The RPM Heavy Duty Wing Mount System has a part number of #81802 and is street priced at $21.

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