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RPM Mock Intake and Blower Set

RPM Mock Intake and Blower Set

RPM Mock Intake and Blower Set
Nothing looks tougher sticking out of a hood than a big intake and blower. Now RPM makes it easy to put one on your car or truck with their mock intake and blower set. The RPM unit is made for scale realism featuring blower belt ridges, pulley splines and recessed butterflies in the scoop. It is easy to install requiring the use of just 3 screws, and with a large flat plate underneath, it won’t get torn off when you crash.

The part number for black is #73412 and they are street priced at $9. Chrome has a part number of #73413 and their street price is $11. Both start hitting hobby shops in late July and you can get full details at This Link over on the official RPM website.

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