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Rumor Mill: ROAR to legalize Li-Po’s very soon!

Just wanted to post a rumor I have been hearing that the ROAR organization is just a few days away from legalizing Li-Po’s in their races with the requirement that the packs be sealed in some sort of hard case. So for all you die-hard racing nuts, it looks like you might finally get to experience what the rest of the world has been using for 2+ years. (Way to stay on top of the times ROAR).

As what appears to be a total coincidence, Max Amps just announced in our forums that they have a new SKIN out for covering their batteries. I have no idea if this will make their packs ROAR legal or not, but I’m guessing the odds are good.

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Posted by in Lipo, ROAR, Rumor on Wednesday, January 16th, 2008 at 10:05 pm