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Rumor: Traxxas Gas Vehicle on the Way?

Every now and then we will start to get whispers and rumors of possible products coming, and sometimes they are way off, or sometimes they are dead on. Like when we posted that Traxxas was working on a Drag Timing Tree system and vehicle more than a month before the Funny Car was announced. Well this time around we are hearing that Traxxas may be working on a new Gas vehicle. We don’t really have any more details other than that.. but it’s not a far stretch at all. With everyone eagerly looking forward to the HPI Gas vehicles, it would seem likely that Traxxas would have a answer to them if it was the new trend. File this under rumors we hope are true. Gas Summit anyone?

If we get any more details, we will post an update.

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Posted by in Rumor, Traxxas on Wednesday, April 25th, 2012 at 6:35 pm