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sanwa mt-44 transmitter

Sanwa announced their new MT-44 transmitter, which appears to replace the popular MT-4s. Breaking tradition this Sanwa features a collapsible handle which I’m sure many will appreciate (though I love the big ass handle on my Sanwa M12). The MT-44 uses 3 AA batteries and supports USB charging. We’ll have to wait till November to try and get our hands on a unit, but we’re stoked to see the same lightning fast FH4T protocol and great customization available.

I’ll let Bing Translate do the heavy lifting;
– High Definition LCD display M12S and adopt more precise dot equivalent, chart of the when used grayscale display monochrome LCD, That can be displayed, for more information. (3 data visible in the chart)
– position optimization. At least not adopting the offset bracket and Steering/Optimization of the position of the throttle.
– industry first low-voltage Battery 3 [AA] cells of the compact But is lighter than realized.
– USB charging support The option 1 Li-Po battery, more And lighter, USB charging support Movable Type carrying handle equipment quick setup auto-safety links
– Racing mode-custom menu-for the micro SD card-telemetry switch features
– Watch feature-environmental temperature display functions-LOG data CSV output-CODE 10 support (for name)
– Telemetry data 3 data at the same time display-display multi-lingual (capable)
– Telemetry system-main unit antenna-menu selector (multi-selector operation)
– ST, TH tension-adjust-dual-rate-end point a just
– Anti-lock brakes function-speed servo-offset-trim/sub trim
– Servo reverse-curve (exponential and adjustable rate control)
– AUX1 (choose the type of 3-channel operation. Mt-4S and similar functions)
– AUX2 (4-channel operation type. Mt-4S and similar functions)
– Fail-safe function (radio / battery) timer (interval down, RAP)
– Wrap-logger-20 model memory (SD card use at 250 model)
– Model name (12 characters)-model (select/clear/copy)-direct model selection
– Trim type (Center/parallel)-throttle type (70: 30 / 50: 50)
– RF MODE setting (FH4T/FH3)-response mode (NOR/SHR/SSR) * Note
– Key assign (SW/TRIM/DIAL/LEVER)
– AUX TYPE setting CODE AUX (with name changes)
– AUX step (step 1-100) And point AUX (2-6 points)
– 4 WS mixing (FRONT/REAR/NORMAL (phase) /REVERSE (reverse phase))
– Variable mixing of MOA (front-wheel drive and four-wheel drive and rear-wheel drive) * drive ratio
AUX mix (mixing ST, TH mix)
– Buzzer (scale and volume changes)-sending machine battery alarm-LCD contrast
– Volume just-mechanical rudder angle adjustment-comes with a small grip pad
– Capable receiver:* Telemetry support (RX-482, RX-472, RX-47T, RX-RX, 462-461) Non-compliance of the Telemetry (RX-481, RX-481WP, RX-471 Dual-ID, Rx-471-W RX-471, RX-451-R and RX-451, RX-381, RX-380)

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