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Schumacher RC FT8 FWD Touring Car Kit

Schumacher 1/10 FT8 FWD Touring Car Kit

Just announced by Schumacher is the 1/10th scaled FT8 FWD Touring Car Kit. Featuring a carbon fiber chassis and the latest in race technology, the FT8 is ready to help you win more races. Check out these highlights-

* New LCG carbon fiber chassis
* Chassis designed with adjustable flex characteristics
* New vertical servo mounting to increase forward weight bias
* Motor positioned directly behind servo for optimal weight distribution
* New single bell crank steering for smoother steering
* New 3D printed bumper with weight options available
* Precision hard anodized alloy gear diff
* Carbon fiber wishbones with pivot ball mounting inboard and outboard
* Super low profile shocks

The Schumacher 1/10 FT8 FWD Touring Car Kit has a part number of #K211 and is street priced at £479 (around $590).

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