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Schumacher RC Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit

Schumacher 1/10 Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit

New from the Schumacher crew is the 1/10 Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit. Available with an aluminum or carbon fiber chassis, the new Mi9 is a high-end race machine capable of winning at any level of competition. Here are the highlights-

* All new suspension geometry
* Fully updated transmission housings
* Lightweight gear differential design with ultra-smooth action
* Lightweight front spool assembly
* New front and rear driveshafts
* New “Nano” shock absorbers with a total length reduction of 7.6mm
* New hub carrier design for more precise control
* New steering arms with new mounting and adjustable Ackermann
* New lower wishbone design with enhanced flexibility and droop control
* New lower shock mount with better flexibility characteristics
* New LCG aluminum servo mount

The Schumacher 1/10 Mi9 4WD Touring Car Kit is street priced at £654 (around $815) and you can use this link to get more Schumacher News on Big Squid.


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