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Schumacher 2 row stud tires

Schumacher 2 Row Stud Front Tires

Schumacher 2 row stud tires
Schumacher has announced they are bringing back their 2 x 20 Stud front buggy tires. Stud tires are designed to penetrate and find traction in surfaces such as grass and AstroTurf, making them a good option for you guys that like to bash on the greener side of the fence. Schumacher is producing them in their long wearing yellow compound and they recommend that you use their #U6733 medium inserts for optimum traction.

The part number is #U6797, they are priced at around $15 a pair, and This Is The Link to check them out on the official Schumacher website.

You can read more Schumacher news at This Link on BigSquidRC.

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