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Schumacher Cougar KC Buggy

Schumacher Cougar KC 2WD Buggy

Schumacher has just unleashed the Cougar KC onto the competition buggy market. The Courgar KC is Schumacher’s answer to the high grip world of carpet racing. What makes the Cougar KC so special?

* Designed specifically for carpet and astro surfaces
* Four different motor layouts
* Multiple battery layouts using multiple different styles of batteries
* 3 gear transmission
* Gull wing arms
* Rear shocks can go in front or behind driveshafts
* Shark Fin body
* Easy diff access
* Gear diff standard, ball diff optional
* 5 deg front yokes w/ adjustable roll center heights
* Carbon fiber side pods
* Lightweight 2 pad slipper

The KC is expected to start shipping in February with pricing of £349 and a part number of #K170. Use This Link to get full details over on Schumacher’s official website.

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