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Schumacher Mi4CX high end touring car

Schumacher Racing has a new high-end touring car in the line-up, hot on the heals of their recent budget tourer the Mi1.  The Mi4CX is being touted as a competition ready car, with all kinds of high-end features like an ultra-lightweight front spool with increased durability, ultra-lightweight aluminum transmission housings, dedicated front & rear high strength steel CVD driveshafts, and a ton more.  The Mi4CX will start shipping sometime next month and it will be available as a kit or pre-assembled roller (all electronics and wheels required).  The assembled version will be just over $600, while the kit will go for $570ish.  Check out the Schumacher web site for more details.


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Posted by in Schumacher on Tuesday, October 26th, 2010 at 7:05 pm