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Schumacher Mi6 Touring Car

Schumacher Mi6 Touring Car

While touring car might not be the hottest class at your local track right now, it still holds a lot of prestige at big events. The latest high-end touring car to be announced is the Schumacher Mi6. The Mi6 was designed to continue Schumacher’s tradition of winning with sound design and high grade construction materials. The scoop on the Mi6 includes-

* Designed for both carpet and asphalt tracks
* Designed for consistency and durability
* Designed for all levels of drivers
* Bearing pivot points for extremely free wishbone movement
* Lightweight alloy transmission housing
* More centralized weight distribution for better balance
* Lowering the center of gravity was a key design point
* 1/8” inboard hinge pins for increased durability
* PTFE impregnated hard anodized threaded alloy shocks
* Precision ball studs for reduced slop
* CNC alloy front spool
* Lightweight 3mm front shock tower
* Stiffer 4mm rear tower

The Mi6 is priced at £389, it has a part number of #K161, and they are said to start shipping in late April. Click Right Here for the Mi6’s product page over on Schumacher’s website.

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