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Schumacher Mi6evo Touring Car

Schumacher Mi6evo Touring Car

Do you like going fast, really fast, indoors on carpet? It doesn’t get much faster than mod touring. New for all you touring car maniacs is the Schumacher Mi6evo. The Mi6evo is a high-end touring car that features a lower center of gravity than previous Mi series cars, as well as class leading consistency and durability. Here are some of its highlights-

* 3mm more inboard motor position
* Center line drive belts
* Lightweight front spool
* Smaller motor mount for more flex
* Modified chassis w/ more cut outs for increased traction
* Carbon fiber reinforced wishbones
* Larger spur helps position motor further forward for mod racing

The Mi6evo is expected to start shipping in March with pricing of £419 and a part number of #K175. Get all the finer details At This Link over on Schumacher’s website.

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