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Sense Innovations ESS-DUAL Sound Simulator

Sense Innovations ESS-DUAL Sound Simulator

It has been a couple of years since sound simulators started taking off, now days they are fairly common in our hobby. They have become quite popular in the scale scene, giving even more realism to scale builds.

To not rest on their laurels, Sense Innovations has announced the ESS-Dual Sound Simulator. The ESS-Dual is a full featured simulator that covers engine sounds, as well as engine start-up, brake noises, blow off valve sound, gear shifting, and rev limiter sound. The unit is fully linear through the rpm range and is easily programmed to your car.

* Can be updated via USB
* 4 different mounts make it easy to install in your rig
* Input voltage of 5 to 26 volts
* 20 watts of output power at 12 volts of input
* 4 ohm speaker
* Thermal, overload, and short circuit protection

The ESS-Dual has a part number of #SI-30S1244C and you can use This Link to hit up the official Sense Innovations website.

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