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Serpent Aluminum Chassis Spyder SRX4

Serpent Aluminum Chassis Spyder SRX4

Just announced by Serpent is the Aluminum Chassis version of their Spyder SRX4. Previously the SRX4 came with a carbon fiber chassis, the new version comes with a stiffer 7075 T-6 version for higher bite surfaces. If your local track is high bite clay, blue groove dirt, carpet, or turf, the aluminum version will be the weapon of choice.

* Belt driven 4wd
* Composite center spline for stiffness and belt protection
* Kevlar reinforced belts
* 2 gear diffs
* Spring steel CVDs
* Full bearing set
* 4mm carbon fiber shock towers
* Spring loaded 3 pad slipper
* Bearing equipped rear anti-roll bar
* 3mm 7075 motor mount

The aluminum SRX4 has a part number of #500011 and full details can be found Right Here on Serpent’s website.

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