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Serpent 811 B-E 2.0 Buggy

Serpent Cobra 811 BE 2.0 8th Scale Electric Buggy Kit

Serpent 811 B-E 2.0 Buggy
If you are looking to build a high end 8th scale electric buggy before the Spring season starts, Cobra has just announced their latest, the Cobra 811 B-E 2.0. The latest Cobra offers all the latest technology and some very high grade materials, resulting in a buggy that should be a great piece of machinery. Some of the new features of the 811 BE 2.0 include-

* New wider rear end with new geometry for more rear traction
* Rear shocks moved to the back of the shocktower
* Longer rear shocks; with longer housing and shock rods for more travel
* Rear wing with integrated holders for the ballraced rear anti-roll bar
* Longer rear lower arms, new higher carbon shocktower, new upright
* Lexan mud-guards to mount on lower rear arms
* Nylon mud-scrapers mount on the rear uprights
* Improved differential gears – as already in the Be version
* Larger bearings in steering blocks and uprights 8X16X5 (2) and 15x21x4 (2),
* Transmission uses larger bearings, 8x19x6 and 13x19x4, and new couplers
* Part #600012

To get more information on the 811 BE 2.0 hit up THIS link. To view more information on Serpent, hit up THIS link right here on BigSquidRC.

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