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Shepherd Velox V10 WC2018 Touring Car

Shepherd Velox V10 WC2018 Nitro Touring Car

Just announced by Shepherd is the Velox V10 WC2018 nitro touring car. The latest version of the Velox V10 includes various upgrades to make it easier to drive, more reliable, as well as being easier to work on. Here are some of its new upgrades-

* Improved rear sway bar
* New ventilated brake discs
* Redesigned 2-speed adapter
* O-rings for body mounts
* Aluminum differential pins
* New carbon radio plate
* Updated rear lower arms
* Redesigned front upper arm mounts

The WC2018 is expected to start shipping in January and you can Hit This Link to surf on over to Shepherd’s website.

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