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Shift RCS Gt3S Servo

Shift RCS Announces its Gt3S Servo

Do you need a low-profile servo for your next scale crawler build? If so, the folks at Shift RCS have cooked up something new in the Gt3S. With a shallow profile, superb performance, and an ornate case, this servo will turn both heads and rigs.

The Gt3S features a 4-pole brushless motor, a magnetic potentiometer, and is rated as being IP67 waterproof. It’s not lacking in power or speed either, as it’s capable of 823oz-in of torque at 8.4V and a speed of .092 sec at 8.4V.

Shift RCS Gt3S Servo Specs:

  • Torque:
    • 654 oz-in/6.0v
    • 730 oz-in/7.4v
    • 823oz-in/8.4v
  • Speed:
    • .121 sec/6.0v
    • .10 sec/7.4v
    • .092 sec/8.4v

The Gt3S is priced at $154.99 and can be purchased at

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