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Shift RCS GT3 Steering Servo

Shift RCS GT3 Steering Servo

If you can’t get enough steering power for your radio-controlled ride and want to add some flash to the steering setup, Shift RCS has quite the option for you. The Shift RCS GT3 servo features over 1000oz of torque (at 8.4v) and boasts a speed of .124sec (at 8.4v) making it an excellent choice for on-road, off-road, and trailing applications.

Wrapped in a uniquely-decorated case, the GT3 features waterproofed/water-resistant internals and uses a 25T spline.

Shift RCS GT3 Specs:

  • Torque:
    • 765oz @6v
    • 905oz @7.4v
    • 1025oz @8.4v
  • Speed:
    • .16sec @6v
    • .135sec @7.4v
    • .124sec @8.4v
  • Dimensions:
    • 402038mm (1.57 x 0.78 x 1.5 in)

The Shift RCS GT3 servo is priced at $154.99 and is available for purchase at

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